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In the past couple days, news has surfaced that BP released photoshopped (from Americablog via Gizmodo) images to the press as though the images were unaltered. This appalling behavior needs to stop. Lying to the American people is disgusting and infuriating. BP has already done enough harm. Such behavior proves why we must stand up to BP. Pledge to boycott the company now: beyondBP.org.

This clearly photoshopped image was one of several BP has released.

Now what is so odd about the photoshopping is that BP really did not need to edit or “create” any images. The company has plenty of legitimate photos showing how hard its employees are working. The fabrication of images was totally unnecessary. This incident proves how little BP cares about integrity: they felt no shame in lying about something they really did not need to lie about in the first place.

For the record, BP promises to never release doctored photographs again. Yeah. Sure. Now we’ll believe you.

This is a truly outrageous company.

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Another day, another failed method to stop the oil from gushing. We’re getting pretty sick of this pattern. This time, the plan to saw off a leaking pipe and then cap it came to a halt, literally. The saw is stuck, as is the process to stop the oil. Back to square one.

Yet, as attention focuses on stopping the spill, a very important piece is lacking attention — protecting the workers trying to clean up this mess. Lawyers prepare to file claims as they try to attract customers that were hurt, physically or economically, by the catastrophic spill. Government officials delve into criminal and civil investigations of the spill.

Despite the international attention on the spill and its cleanup, oil continues to gush day after day. No sign of crying itself to sleep, as one of my colleagues half-joked. But in case you’re close to tears yourself, Jon Stewart yet again covered the BP spill in two full segments last night. (And you thought we were the only ones talking about the spill this much…)

But we at Public Citizen have also been hard at work, this time organizing a massive protest in front of BP’s Washington, D.C., headquarters, complete with a mock citizen’s arrest. If you’re in the D.C. area, please come join us. If not, tell your friends and stay tuned for pictures. (We’ll be rockin’ those awesome shirts above.)

And don’t forget to join our online efforts — on Facebook, through our petition, and telling President Obama to ban the expansion of offshore drilling to prevent future oil spill disasters.

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Out of sight, out of mind will not work in this situation. We are just starting to see the effects on wildlife stemming from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. What’s worse? What we aren’t seeing.

On Good Morning America, Phillipe Cousteau, grandson of oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, dove 25 feet below the water’s surface in the Gulf. His report was astonishing, calling the situation a nightmare. Cousteau said that the chemical dispersants aren’t working — only breaking the oil up into little droplets that animals can more easily absorb or eat. Devastating.

The stuff we are seeing isn’t too great, either. From today’s Washington Post:

“Now that the stuff is really sort of coming ashore, it really is living up to its potential. It’s certainly breached the sort of outer defense system of Louisiana,” said James H. Cowan Jr., a professor at Louisiana State University. “It’s the very worst-case scenario, for things like birds and mammals.”

The Post also reports that members of the Minerals Management Service had been accepting gifts from oil companies. How’s that for regulation and enforcement? Big Oil isn’t just stopping at the executive branch. The director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program, Tyson Slocum, was quoted in this NPR story about Big Oil’s lobbying efforts post-spill:

“Big Oil’s legislative agenda is still able to function, even after a devastating event like we’ve got going on in the Gulf of Mexico right now,” Slocum said.

Looks like We, the People will have to take this into our own hands. Forget Beyond Petroleum, let’s get Beyond BP. Join our boycott of the oil company. 1,000,000 to boycott BP. Sign the petition, join us on Facebook and tell your friends. (We’re featured in this NPR story about the boycott, too.)

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Jeez. Still no good news when it comes to cleaning up the oil spill that started more than a month ago. Oil is still gushing into the water, the industry’s plans to top the geyser keep failing, the government still has not intervened and no entity has accepted responsibility for the environmental catastrophe. And as we wait, birds are covered in oil. Crabs are covered in oil. Marshes are covered in oil. Sea turtles are washing ashore, dead. Jellyfish, too. You get it. It’s bad.

But in case you’re a visual learner, these images will leave you horrified and searching for a way to help.

What’s Public Citizen doing in response? Using the power of the purse. We are boycotting BP, the company that leased the rig responsible for the hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil spilling into the Gulf every day. Our petition page already has more than 12,500 signatures (add yours now!), our Facebook page has nearly 3,500 fans (join that, too!) and media outlets keep our phones ringing off the hook, wanting more information on this devastating spill. Help us reach our goal of a million supporters!

The Washington Post ran a piece today highlighting our boycott. In it, some people talked about ignoring the boycott for the sheer convenience of going to BP stations. They’ll never learn! Join our efforts and show them what it means to affect change.

Our sister blog has a post about another Washington Post story revealing that some environmental groups take money from oil companies, including BP. (Public Citizen is not among them; we take no corporate or government money.)

And in case we’ve depressed you too much, a little something to give you a laugh, courtesy of Politico.

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