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Watching election returns. Flickr photo by Brit.


If you read one thing today . . .

Among the numerous post-election post mortems comes John Bresnahan’s opus in Politico on “The rise and fall of Nancy Pelosi.” Is it possible that, as Bresnahan asserts, that Pelosi’s unyielding idealism did her and her party in?

Pelosi gambled the House on a hard-core liberal legislative program, betting that the American people would reward Democrats – and President Barack Obama — for enacting sweeping proposals on health care, climate change and Wall Street reform. Even when the tea party movement began to sweep across the nation in August 2009, Pelosi refused to back down, arguing that it was better for Democrats to go down fighting rather than to suffer defeat for failing to act.

But with unemployment still stubbornly high, the economy continuing to sputter along, and the federal government racking up $1 trillion-plus deficits, Pelosi became the personification for many of everything wrong with the Democratic Party.


Former President George W. Bush is hawking his new book, Decision Points, and wants to make it clear that when it came to going to war against Iraq, he was overruled. Huh? From Talking Points Memo:

“I was a dissenting voice. I didn’t want to use force,” Bush said. “I mean force is the last option for a President. And I think it’s clear in the book that I gave diplomacy every chance to work. And I will also tell you the world’s better off without Saddam in power. And so are 25 million Iraqis.”

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From Todd Tucker @ Eyes on Trade: Outrage over Bush giving paramilitary-linked Colombian President Alvaro Uribe [the Medal of Freedom] is spreading, and for good reason. When your country’s leader awards its highest civilian honor to a man linked to the murder of unionists and human rights activists and presides over the worst human rights abuses and deepening humanitarian disaster in the hemisphere, outrage is beyond appropriate, it’s required.

MSNBC asked Lori [Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch division] on their 1600 Pennsylvania Ave show last night to examine the audacity of this hypocritical doublespeak.

To read the rest of this post and to see the video clip of Wallach on MSNBC, go to Eyes on Trade.

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If President-elect Barack Obama wants to set a different course than the Bush administration, which resisted and turned back critical health, safety and environmental protections, he can start by striking down his predecessor’s eight-year effort to tilt the regulatory field heavily toward big business and industry.

In a letter sent Tuesday to Peter Orszag, the incoming Office of Management and Budget director, and Cass Sunstein, who is expected to serve as Obama’s regulatory czar, Public Citizen reiterates its request that President-elect Obama make the health and safety of American families the underlying goal of all federal regulations.

The new president can take an important step in this direction by amending a key executive order to reverse the erosion of consumer rights that occurred under the Bush administration. Public Citizen, which was joined by other public interest groups, outlined in a letter sent to the transition team last month how the order could be drafted. (more…)

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