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daimler-chrysler-logoIn a reversal of its position in the bankruptcy proceeding, Chrysler has agreed to assume liability for people injured after the Chrysler bankruptcy by vehicles sold before the bankruptcy.

As background, in late May and early June, Public Citizen represented a bunch of consumer organizations in objecting to the Chrysler bankruptcy sale because the sale documents purported to sell Chrysler “free and clear” of product liability claims. We particularly got involved to represent the interests of future claimants — that is, the claims of people who would be injured or killed in accidents that occurred after the bankruptcy but were caused by defects in Chrysler vehicles sold before the bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court approved the sale free and clear of such future claims, and I argued the issue in front of the Second Circuit. Within minutes after that argument ended, the Court announced that it was upholding the sale for substantially the same reasons as the bankruptcy court and that opinions would be forthcoming. Four days later, we filed a petition for certiorari. (more…)

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