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The Republican National Committee may be feeling a little less huffy this week over the usage of the initials “GOP” and elephants, as Public Citizen attorney Paul Alan Levy notes on the Consumer Law & Policy Blog.

Last week, the RNC was up in arms and threatened to sue CafePress for allowing users to sell items displaying images that included the “official elephant logo” and the acronym “GOP.” The RNC today has backed off its claim that CafePress was violating trademark laws. The decision marks a victory for free speech … and common sense.

You can read the specific terms of the agreement on CafePress’ blog. For more coverage, check out these posts on Wired and Politico.

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Ok, stop me if you’ve heard this one. A Republican walks into a bar with a duck under his arm. He turns to the bartender and . . . Oops. I forgot. The GOP is a few funny bones short of a sense of humor these days. As Public Citizen attorney Paul Alan Levy writes on the Consumer Law & Policy Blog, the Republican National Committee is in a huff over some T-shirts and bumper stickers that bear their Elephant logo or the acronym “GOP.” It seems the RNC has trademarked both logo and name and they’re threatening to sue the folks over at CafePress.com for allowing its users to sell shirts both supporting and making fun of Republicans. (more…)

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