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For too long, some manufacturers have tried to keep information about their defective products under wraps and away from consumers, unnecessarily increasing the risk associated with, and number of injuries and deaths caused by, these products. Wednesday could mark the beginning of the end of that practice and the start of a new chapter in product safety.

That’s when the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will issue its final rule on the building and maintenance of an online, searchable incident database – a critical piece of the landmark Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. Expected to be launched in March, the database promises to hand over tremendous purchasing and reporting control to consumers. While consumers have long been able to report product incidents to the commission, with the online database, they can publicly submit reports (more…)

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The Chicago Tribune scored a Pulitzer prize today for its investigation into the failings of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and its inability to protect our children from toys that can kill them. Read the series, “Hidden Hazards: Our Kids at Risk,” and you can’t help but get angry. There are stories like the preschool teacher who warned the CPSC about a magnetic toy that almost killed one of her students. Do something before a child dies, Sharon Grigsby pleaded. She got a form letter back telling her the CPSC would look into her complaints. Six months later, her fears came true when a Seattle toddler swallowed magnets from the same toy the teacher had warned the CPSC about. That child died before his parents could reach the emergency room. (more…)

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cpscupdate.jpgWhen it comes to keeping dangerous, sometimes life-threatening, defective products off the shelves, the Consumer Product Safety Commission often has all the urgency of someone taking a leisurely stroll through the park. A new Public Citizen review of publicly available information shows that it takes the CPSC seven months from the time it receives a manufacturer’s report of a hazardous consumer defect to the time it notifies the public.


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