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Matthew Rothschild, editor of the Progressive Magazine, provides an insightful overview of the growing movement to amend the Constitution in response to increased in corporate influence in U.S. elections following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC.

Rothschild calls on progressives to “put our Susan B. Anthony hats on and get to work” restoring American democracy to the people.

In addition to legislative reforms favored by Public Citizen, such as the Shareholder Protection Act and the Fair Elections Now Act, Rothschild highlights Public Citizen’s work to restore democracy to real people:

There’s another approach, floated by Ralph Nader and by Robert Weissman, the new president of Public Citizen. While they support legislative efforts, they say the President could issue an executive order refusing to “contract with or provide subsidies, handouts, and bailouts to any company that spends money directly in the electoral arena.”

But the Supreme Court could invalidate such an order, as well.

Nader and Weissman also recommend that shareholders pass resolutions requiring their corporations to receive majority permission before spending money on elections.

Ultimately, however, Nader and Weissman favor amending the Constitution. “In the absence of a future court overturning Citizens United,” they wrote in The Wall Street Journal on February 10, “the fundamental response should be a constitutional amendment. We must exclude all commercial corporations and other artificial commercial entities from participating in political activities. Such constitutional rights should be reserved for real people.”

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Progressive leaders agree — SCOTUS went too far, granting corporations the same rights as people, in the justices’ controversial decision in Citizens United v. FEC. In fact, Public Citizen’s call for a constitutional amendment to overturn the decision has been picking up steam.

Alan Colmes, progressive political commentator and blogger, featured Public Citizen president Robert Weissman and his proposal for an amendment on his blog, Liberaland. (I wonder what his political leanings are…) His posting also links to The Nation story, in which Weissman reacts to Justice Alito’s “not true” comment during President Obama’s State of the Union address last Wednesday.

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The media is aflutter after the Supreme Court’s controversial decision in the Citizens United v. FEC case, the ruling of which will allow corporations to flood campaigns with cash and unfairly influence the outcome of elections.

Public Citizen has managed to stay on the forefront of the news stories discussing this crippling decision and Public Citizen’s proposed constitutional amendment to overturn it.

Public Citizen president Robert Weissman was quoted in news wire stories from the Associated Press and UPI, in the Fort Myers News-Press, Democracy Now, Ventura County Star and Injuryboard.com. He appeared on CBS News Radio, ABC News Radio, PBS/Nightly Business Report, CNN Radio and KPCC/So. California Public Radio.

Scott Nelson, an attorney with Public Citizen and a member of the legal team opposing Citizen United’s case, was quoted in a National Journal story. He has appeared on SiriusXM/POTUS, KPFK/L.A., Air America/Nicole Sandler and KBOO/Portland, Ore.

Craig Holman, a lobbyist with Public Citizen, spoke on KPFA in Berkeley, Calif.,  and was quoted in a National Journal story about the decision, as well.

Public Citizen was also mentioned in stories that appeared in the Huffington Post, Washington Examiner, The Boston Globe, OpEd News, Institute for Public Accuracy, dpa International Services in English, CBSNews, Investor’s Business Daily, SEIU blog, Jim Hightower’s Buzzflash Blog, FoxNews, Reason Magazine’s blog, Raw Story, Gather.com and The Batavian.

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