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Things have been quiet on the Don’t Get Rolled front. We’re still waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision, and there’s still good reason to fear that the court could overturn a century of campaign finance law, allowing unlimited corporate spending to influence elections. Sound like a bad idea to you? You can pledge to protest if the court decides to open the floodates to corporate money in politics.

Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Russ Feingold (D-Wis.), primary sponsors of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act in 2002, eloquently defend the campaign finance laws that the court is threatening in the YouTube videos below.

Sen. McCain:


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A New York Times editorial recently took the position that an inanimate human invention should have fewer rights than an actual living, breathing person. Alarmingly, the editorial observes:

This Supreme Court […] has been on a campaign to increase corporations’ legal rights — based on the conviction of some conservative justices that businesses are, at least legally, not much different than people.

Ever heard of electric toaster personhood? No? How about umbrella personhood? Not that, either? Seriously? Maybe file cabinet personhood? What? Not that either? Yet how strange that the U.S. Supreme Court could expand the rights of corporations under the doctrine of “corporate personhood!” (more…)

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Leave it to Stephen Colbert to sum up the plight of corporations and their fight for the right to be considered fellow humans perfectly: “They do everything people do except, breath, die and go to jail for dumping 1.3 million pounds of PCBs in the Hudson River.”

For those of you who have followed along in this blog about the Citizens United v FEC case before the Supreme Court, you already know how scary it is to think what might happen if the justices decide to overturn 100 years of campaign finance protections and allow corporations to pump unlimited cash into our elections. On last night’s show, Colbert broke  down the absurdities of the case: “Corporations have free speech but they can’t speak like you and me. They don’t have mouths or hands. Instead, they must speak with the only way they can — through billions and billions of dollars.”

Later, he and CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin discussed how a casual “off the record” comment by the chief justice in 1886 was mistakenly recorded by the court reporter and turned into the legal precedent that corporations have the rights of people.

Learn more about this case and what you can do to make your voice heard at Dontgetrolled.org.

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Are you fired up yet? Check out the video we made to learn what could happen if the Supreme Court decides to allow unlimited corporate money in politics.

Seriously? Yes, it’s true. All the progress we want to make on issues that are so important — climate change legislation, health care reform, consumer protections, EVERYTHING! — could be rolled by corporate interests.

To CEOs, reforms that look like progress to you look like roadblocks to profit. Pledge to protest this outrage and share our video with five friends.

Spread the word! We need to make it loud and clear that citizens are strongly opposed to increasing corporate power in politics. We’ve got to show we’ll fight them every step of the way!

So, please share our video and consider making one of your own. We’ll share the best videos and pictures of your protests. Send them to action@citizen.org.

We can’t do this work without you. Thank you for all you do!

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