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Progressive leaders agree — SCOTUS went too far, granting corporations the same rights as people, in the justices’ controversial decision in Citizens United v. FEC. In fact, Public Citizen’s call for a constitutional amendment to overturn the decision has been picking up steam.

Alan Colmes, progressive political commentator and blogger, featured Public Citizen president Robert Weissman and his proposal for an amendment on his blog, Liberaland. (I wonder what his political leanings are…) His posting also links to The Nation story, in which Weissman reacts to Justice Alito’s “not true” comment during President Obama’s State of the Union address last Wednesday.

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As President Obama addresses the nation tonight in his first State of the Union speech, people across the country will be sizing up the president’s prose with his campaign promises and actions over the past year.

Public Citizen created a guide to his SOTU address on the issues we find most critical and that we hope he will speak to. From financial reform to climate change, open government to trade, DC voting rights to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, Public Citizen assesses Obama’s performance thus far and provides goals for Obama to achieve in the coming year.

Cable and network television stations will broadcast the address, and the White House will have a live broadcast on its Web site, as well. Watch tonight at 9 p.m. EST and let us know what your reactions are.

And if the current state of the union is too much for you to bear, here’s something that might cheer you up.

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