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Becoming44.org makes NPR

From Peter Gosselar @ Becoming44: Becoming44.org contributor Alexander Cohen was on National Public Radio this morning, talking to Peter Overby about donor access and the Obama transition. NPR has the interview available on its Web site.

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Today’s announcement that Joseph Kelliher, chairman of the powerful Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and a commissioner since 2003, is stepping down provides President-elect Barack Obama with an opportunity to fix an agency with a history of promoting deregulation and power company profits at the expense of fair energy prices to American families. Under Kelliher’s watch, FERC continued the failed policy of deregulation, resulting in consumers paying billions of dollars more in home energy costs than if markets under FERC control had been properly regulated.

Kelliher, who served as the Energy Department’s liaison to Vice President Dick Cheney’s infamously corporate-biased Energy Task Force prior to becoming FERC commissioner, consistently overlooked the agency’s top statutory mandate: to ensure that all electric rates be “just and reasonable.”As a result, Kelliher’s FERC has undergone ongoing criticism by states and consumer groups for its backward priorities.

At a time when officials such as former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan have concluded that federal deregulation efforts went too far and resulted in abuses, Kelliher continued to claim that the policy of electricity deregulation – pioneered by Enron – has been a success. In this, he is the last man standing, nearly alone in his obstinate insistence that deregulation worked. (more…)

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The election is over, but our work has just begun.

We must roll up our sleeves to reverse some of the damaging policies enacted over the past eight years. We have a chance to make real change happen. But we need your help.

We’ve have waited so long for an administration that is willing to promote an agenda for people – not corporations. Now, we have the best opportunity in a decade to put government back on the side of the people. Join us in making our “Citizens’ Agenda” a priority in 2009 and beyond so we can:

  • Put homeowners ahead of CEOs in the massive Wall Street/auto industry bailout
  • Clean up government by breaking ties between lawmakers and big corporate dollars and lobbyists
  • Boost wages, ensure import safety and protect the environment by replacing the failed NAFTA/WTO trade model
  • Create green jobs and stabilize the economy with clean, sustainable and renewable energy
  • Ensure safety of toys, pharmaceuticals and other products
  • And more (more…)

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