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It looks like we’ll have to wait until October for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s new vehicle roof crush standard, after rumors of a delay have proven true.

Consumer Affairs reports this afternoon that the Department of Transportation informed Congress of the delay with hours to spare before the deadline.

Of course, a delay doesn’t signify a victory for consumer and safety advocates. But Transportation Secretary Mary Peters’ letter to the heads of several Congressional committees suggests the agency is starting to get the message about the problems with its current standard:

“Because of the number of new comments we received and the additional analyses that are required, additional time is now needed to complete the final rule. We will issue a final rule by October, 2008.”

Let’s hope the next three months are productive ones for NHTSA.

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Photo by Frank RogersRemember earlier this month when Public Citizen and other consumer advocates trekked to the Hill to tell a Senate committee that the National Highway Safety Administration’s proposed roof crush standard is woefully inadequate?

Now, reports have emerged stating NHTSA might not even make its July 1 deadline for submitting the proposal. The Detroit News, Automotive World and Consumer Affairs have reported that the agency plans to ask Congress for an extension in order complete its research and address concerns and questions among automakers and senators. (more…)

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This week, lobbyists from the trucking and shipping industries are making the rounds at the Capitol, pushing their agenda to put longer and heavier trucks on the road. Fortunately, some of the more enlightened members of Congress such as Sens. Frank Lautenberg and Claire McCaskill and Rep. James McGovern are having none of it. There’s plenty of evidence that shows these mammoth rigs are responsible for disproportionate number of traffic fatalities each year. The fact is, the larger the trucks get, the harder they are to control and the longer they take to stop. Today, safety groups, including Public Citizen, along with the above-mentioned members of Congress held a news conference to counter the trucking and shipping industries’ call for larger trucks. If you live in Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina or Maine, you should be especially worried. (more…)

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