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D.C.’s metro was extremely packed during Monday’s morning commute, which could only mean one thing (aside from it being tourist season): Congress is back in session.

I blogged earlier about the major flaws in the latest climate change legislation, America’s Climate Security Act, introduced by Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and John Warner (R-Va.) The Senate will be debating the bill all week, and although nobody expects the bill to get very far, it’s certainly creating a buzz among the media and some heated debate among lawmakers.

For those who want to get a feel for how the debate is going, Reuters has posted a sampling of some of Monday’s comments, from notaries such as President Bush, Al Gore and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.).

Some other media highlights:

  • A post from The New York Times’ political blog, The Caucus
  • A list of five things to watch during the debate from The Politico
  • A look at both sides of the debate from Wired
  • An overview of business’ take on climate change from CQPolitics

And in case all these facts on climate change become a bit dizzying, check out the resources from Public Citizen’s energy program

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Photo from Flickr / [Framing] Insights

Industry generates pollution. A lot of pollution. In 2006, it emitted an estimated 3.4 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide. These aren’t just fuzzy numbers we’re talking about; those 3.4 metric tons account for 57 percent of America’s total carbon dioxide emissions.

Numbers startling you a bit? They startled Congress, too, which is why Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and John Warner (R-Va.) introduced America’s Climate Security Act (S. 2191) in October. S. 2191 outlines a plan for overhauling how industrial polluters manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Unfortunately for the environment, this bill has some major flaws.


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